“Space Kittiez Invasion!”

The Space Kittiez have invaded Earth. They have come for our cheezburgerz!

“Houston. We have a problem. A big problem!”

huge cat in outer space looking at tiny astronaut
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two cats with glowing eyes, space, attention Earthlings

two space cats with glowing eyes

black cat shooting green lasers from eyes

But, the Earthleenz fought back!…The pigeons scored the first strike!

gray cat on back with funny expression, pigeons, tasers
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The Earth Kittehs have a secret weapon…coffee! It has a devastating effect. Lookz!

cat had too much coffee, caffeine
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Rarrww!!! Rarrwww!!!! Rarrwwww!!!!

one kitten trying to hold back another kitten

Then, the Space Kittiez Invasion took another turn. Our cheezburgerz were in more danger than ever…

“Alpha Omega Zeta, requesting purrmissions to land!”

hovercat, white cat floating in air

“Roger, Hovercat. Purrmissions granted. Re-enforcements welcome. Send out the Cheezburger Hunting Club!”

many gray kittens with white points hunting cheeseburgers, club
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Not only did the Space Kittiez send out the Cheezburger Hunting club, but they brought Pod Kittehs…

cat in box with two watermellons, alien, pod
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Will the Earth Kittiez Contingent be able to repel this alien invasion???

To be continued…

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